Salon Policies

All dogs MUST be on lead, both coming and leaving the salon

NO exceptions. This is for the safety of everyone, both canine and human. While your dog may be okay with other dogs, another dog that may be coming or going, may not be as friendly. We are also located in quite a busy court, so to also ensure your dog is not injured, please put them on lead before they get out of the car.

If you are running late or are unable to keep your appointment, please let us know.

We would greatly appreciate a call to let us know ASAP if you are unable to make the appointment, or are running late. We understand that circumstances change, and we will be more than happy to change your appointment for you, so you may keep your plans. If later than 20 minutes past your appointment time, we may need to reschedule. We are on a very strict appointment schedule, and being late inevitably makes us late.

Unarranged late pickups are subject to charges

Dogs here past the arranged time may incur a $10 daycare fee. We like your dogs to be as comfortable and stress free as possible. Each dog has his/her own pen to stay in while they are here. If your dog is here past pickup time, we do take them outside to the toilet and for a small walk to stretch their legs. If you arrange a later pickup when you book, we will always let you know our closing time for that day, to help you plan your day better. The late fee will only occur if you are later than the pre arranged time, or after closing.

Dogs that are here all day will be charged a daycare fee of $10 on top of the grooming fee.

Only upon pre arrangement will a dog be taken in our salon all day, as we have very limited space.

“No shows” will incur a $20 fee to be paid on the next groom

Please understand that we have staff here that need to be paid, even if you do not come to your appointment. We would appreciate a call or SMS the night before or 1st thing in the morning from 8.30am, so we can rebook the appointment. Rebookings are fine and will not be charged a fee.

We will NOT dematt a matted coat!

While we will do everything in our power to keep your dogs coat as long as possible, we will not put your dog through the pain of a dematt. If you would like to keep the coat longer, we can arrange a schedule for you so that this is possible. We are also more than happy to answer any questions and provide you with the right tools and knowledge to maintain the coat in between grooms, and to show you how to use them. We do understand that dogs get knots of course, but please remember...we are doggie beauticians, not magicians!

We thank you for your cooperation, and look forward to seeing you and your puppy again soon!