Client Testimonials

Dani is the best groomer in town. Very thorough and she handles my dogs really well. My dogs run into the salon. At the dog show 3 breeders commented what a great job she did. I also won 1st prize in the best neuter dog in the bichon club which Dani did the grooming of course! Thank you Dani!

Charmaine Lee, Mulgrave

Being a Poodle, Jasper requires regular grooming, and since I have discovered Divine Dog Grooming, he really enjoys being groomed. He no longer has ear problems, or skin irritation because the shampoo is all natural. Grooming is now a really positive experience for him, and he adores Danielle. She is really fantastic with dogs, and it is great to be able to watch her work through the glass, and it always amazes me how obedient Jasper is for her.

Kris Connolly, Pakenham

I was highly recommended to Divine Dog Grooming through my nieces Guides Group. At first it was a bit of a travel, but now 16 months later, i would not replace Danielle, Divine Dog Grooming or the miles with anyone...I don't trust my puppy Zara left anywhere, but I would definitely trust Dani with Zara all day long....Wonderful Service, Extra Care...Amazing results..!!! Would recommend highly to anyone who wants the best care and a wonderful groom on their dog!!!!

Rebecca Jane, Ashwood

I have had my dog Muffin groomed for years, and i have finally found a groomer i am happy with! She even did some beautiful colours in her ears and tail, which have lasted a long time! She definitely draws attention on her walks! I am always impressed with the way Muffin jumps all over Dani in excitement, and drags me into the salon! I also love the personal touch Dani has with her, and always gives her one – on – one attention! She always comes home happy and beautiful! I wouldnt replace Dani with anyone, and im sure Muffin wouldnt let me if i tried!

Karen Dourlay, Wandong

My dogs and I have had many great experiences with Danielle. She is a great groomer - fulfilling my desires of how I want my dogs to look, as well as a good understanding of my dogs' individual personalities and needs. I would highly recommend using Danielle's services, she is a technically gifted groomer, and a very pleasant and kind human being.

Sarah Knight, Rosanna