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Full groom includes:

Tidy includes:

Extra Information:

Some dogs require a strip/brush out - removing the dead coat that sheds (e.g. Border Collies, Labradors, Jack Russells, Golden Retrievers).

Handstripping is available upon request (e.g. Cairn Terrier, Border Terrier).

Nails and face tidies are available in between grooms but please CALL IN ADVANCE.

All grooms come with bows or a bandana upon request.


Please call for an estimated quote for your dog.

Prices are based on the size of the dog, the temperament of the dog, condition of the coat and the time spent on the groom.

Extra Services


Special dog colour is available! A wide variety of semi-permanent colours, especially designed for dogs, is now here! Lasts 8-10 washes.

Any mix of colours is able to be done on your dog’s ears or tail. You can even have patterns like paw prints if the coat permits!

Mud and Paw Packs

The mud used is straight from the Dead Sea in Israel. If you are not familiar with this, it is a natural water icon that contains minerals that have healing powers. People pay a lot to go and cover themselves in this natural mud, which heals skin and makes it soft for days! Well, the same goes for dogs! If you have a dog that has very itchy skin, dry coat, sores or scabs, or maybe you just want the coat to be luxurious and soft, well then a Mud wrap is for you!

The natural minerals help to heal the skin and leave the coat feeling soft and beautiful for days. I have witnessed amazing things with this mud, and therefore I can honestly say that I will continue using it for many years to come. Many customers that have been sceptical about it on their dogs, soon ring to thank me, as they have tried everything else and only this has worked!

Before mud, mud on, after bath - all broken up from mud, after groom - all gone!

In the pictures above, you can clearly see on Zack, that after just 1 bath, all the scabs he came in with have disappeared! I have been using mud on Zack for a few months now, and previously, he had those sores all the way up and down his back, which is now only tiny, as you can see. So there's some proof for all you sceptics out there. It works, and your dog will feel much better for it!

Prices start from $20 for full body mad wraps on small dogs, and Paw Packs (mud on the feet only – to help with the feet biters), from $10.

Teeth Brushing

This is $10 for the 1st time (unless you bring your own toothbrush), and then $5 after.

Every dog gets their own brush, and we use special doggie toothpaste. This service is not designed to clean any plaque or tartar off your dogs' teeth! It is purely to give your dog nice smelling breath. However, if the teeth are too full of plaque/tartar, you will be notified and will be suggested to see your vet to get them properly cleaned.

Clean teeth are imperative to a dog's health. If your dog has bad teeth, it is extremely painful for the dog, as well as dangerous to his/her health. So please make sure your dogs teeth are in good condition, as you would keep your own!

I have products available in the shop also, that can aid in teeth cleaning (e.g. Greenies/roo tendons), so please don't hesitate to ask.

We Sell All Things Doggie!

Treats For Your Pet

At Divine Dog Grooming Salon, we offer a range of doggie products that your pet is sure to love.

We have a range of coloured collars and fluffy coats to keep your pet warm during the cold winter season.

We also sell a selection of doggie treats which are good for your dogs teeth - and for their tummies!